Outlawsys.com IRC Bot order form

Payments via Pay Pal are accepted in US dollars, by check, debit card, or credit card.
For other payment options, please contact us first.

Please note, upon receipt , assuming we have no questions, we will create a custom PayPal subscription, which you will receive at your PayPal address within 48 hours. Within 48 hours of confirmed payment, we will contact you, and deploy your bot to the network & channel you specify below [Most orders filled within hours of payment, sometimes because each module must be customized compiled and installed it may take slightly longer] .After that PayPal will automatically send you an invoice on the due date. If you wish to cancel a subscription please contact us, or simply cancel it in your PayPal settings.

IRC Bots are $2.75 (US) a month + any additional modules.

Discounts are given for rental of 3 bots or more or 2 bots with more
than 3 add on modules each, and for 4 / 6 / 12 month pre-payments.

Rules and Conditions:

Any bot found to be committing any of the following acts will

Harassing/Annoying or otherwise disturbing the normal use of any IRC network by its users.

DCC transferring files for any reason, at any time. We do not currently offer DCC bot rental, we
have in the past, may in the future, but as of this time we DO NOT.

Advertising, flooding, or otherwise causing a disruption in
any channel(s), or otherwise
breaking / violating a networks policies, on behavior, content,
network usage, or any other given networks policies.

Your Name:

Your Email:

Your PayPal EMail (if different from above):

Bot Nickname:
( Keep in mind your networks nickname length limits, i.e. some allow 20 chars. ,
some 30, some only 9, also you should PRE register this nick if your network supports Nickserv, ect )


Channel(s): (List all channels the bot will initially [and after any restarts], be in) [Note that channels can be added/removed at anytime in realtime by the owner.]

Module Options:

For descriptions of module functions, please see our SERVICES page.

The In Channel Commands Module is included with every bot, as is ONE of the following Modules.

Please choose one.

Seen Module
     Last Users Module     Channel Stats Module     Timed Message Module


Optional add-on modules (75 cents each, per bot, per month):

Seen Module
     Last Users Module     Channel Stats Module     Timed Message Module
Trivia Module
     Kick & Ban Log Module     Quotes Module     Help/FAQ Module


If you are in need of 3 or more bots, please contact us for a discount
for multiple purchases, and or 3/6/12 month pre-payment.

Contact us for Services bots as well,
including BOPM (proxy scanner), Anti-Drone/Virus bots
and more, for channels, or entire networks.

Comments and/or Questions

We offer non-profit, senior citizen, church, and active military discounts on all website design/programming, system tune-up, hardware upgrades, network setup/installs, and most other services! Please feel free to contact us with your needs!



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